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The end products of long exhaustive research and development.

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Ice Jig Butterfly

The NEW Ice Jig ButterFly features an injected plastic minnow body with wings that resemble real fish fins and open each time the bait falls. As the wings open, the bait glides as if it's swimming. Fish it vertically in open water and ice fishing.

Shake it vertically and the wings open and close quickly. Cast it in open water to cover an extreme area as you bring it back to the boat. The NEW Ice Jig ButterFly searches and hunts fish on every cast! Use this bait to catch every species of fish that swims.

• Life-like gill action from wings opening and closing
• Wings open and close creating a loud noise against the body
• Glides through the water
• Unprecedented jigging action
• VDrop System allows for vertical drop to get back on fish quickly

Ice Jig Rattle

XP Baits brings another innovation to the jigging minnow category by introducing the all-new Ice Jig Rattle. This bait offers the balanced, life-like swimming presentation that jigging minnow baits are known for, along with a first-of-its kind sonic rattle chamber to call fish in from a distance. Available in 14 colors and 4 sizes, the Ice Jig Rattle series creates a unique combination of sight and sound that triggers more bites to catch more fish. HD2 (High Definition/ High Durability) finishes feature Glow and UV to optimize visibility in dirty water.


The Turbo Lure has a unique design that produces sonic vibrations that fish cannot resist. The product was design to allow amazingly long casts without much effort. The two “Keels” eliminate the need for Swivel allowing the angler to change lures quickly if desired. The Turbo is offered with two stabilizers “Keels” a single Keel is used to allow the Turbo to dive deep and keep the line from twisting. The double keel also eliminates line twist and is utilized to bring the Turbo to the surface of the water allowing it to create “turbulence” that fish cannot resist.

New spinner

Our patented Spinner has many unique features that eliminate the problems associated other spinner designs.

Regardless of spinner size the blade is always free due to the blade retainer which also allows instant rotation of the blade even at very slow retrieval speeds.

There is a two part construction the upper cylinder is utilized to maintain integrity for the blade to have clearance and creating a distinct “offset” of the second body and hook.

The second body contains the weighted “Keel” which prevents the spinner body from rotating and keeps the hook in the same position every time and at any speed.